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The use of faucet maintenance

Buy a favorite faucet, the proper use and maintenance is a headache for many users and nerve-racking thing. In fact, as long as the installation, use, maintenance right well, the actual life of the tap can last a long time, and can remain bright as new.

To ask the experienced and qualified professionals in construction and installation. Installation, the faucet should try not to clash with a hard object, do not cement, glue residue on the surface, so as not to damage the surface coating gloss. Pay attention to the pipe tap installed after debris removal.


1, the installation should be thoroughly clean the pipe of various impurities. To avoid valve damage, jamming, blockage and leakage. At the same time the surface should be cleaned so that it does not leave residue materials.

2, for any kind of tap products are in use without having to switch to use of excessive force, just gently twist or flip to. Even the traditional-style taps, but also need to spend a lot of effort to twist the dead. Especially not to handle or use as a handrail to support. Configuration screen on the outlet cover by the use of the product should be demolished some time after washing to remove impurities. Products with a hose should be noted that the natural stretch hose keep state, so as not to break.

3, bathtub faucet shower hose should be kept natural stretch metallic state, when not in use should not be coiled in the faucet. At the same time, or when not in use, pay attention to the hose and valve joints do not form a corner, so as not to break or damage the hose.

4, by the use of sometimes occur near the nozzle is not completely closed, leakage, handle loose, loose connector leakage phenomenon, in general, consumers themselves.

5, steady rise in rubber tap screw closure is not complete, usually because of hard debris card into the seals howl when simply remove the handle (hand wheel), unscrew the valve cover, remove impurities spool AS installed can resume normal use.

6, sealed in ceramic tap valve closure is not complete, it may be hard sealing surface scratches or debris on the spool in the increase of preload is not enough. If the former, only the nozzle manufacturer service department or professional maintenance department repair. Just a question then remove the handle by the user (hand wheel) after the spool and then tighten a little.

7, the handle (hand wheel) loose general for two reasons: First, the assembly is not due to negligence of the handle (hand wheel) good fastening, can only tighten the screws firmly fixed. Second handle (hand wheel) selection is poor, mostly occurs in zinc alloy handles (hand wheel) and the Ministry of premature oxidation spool connected, leading to corrosion caused by the gap increases, generally no remedy. So, try not to use zinc alloy handle (hand wheel) products.

8, nozzle joints in case of leakage, is usually part of the assembly time due to not tight, just tighten. Sometimes, all aspects of a tap than perfect, but close stop dripping after the feeling. At this time depends on the length of time dripping, drip stop, and whether the number of water droplets. Longer drip time may last four or five minutes, sometimes, a total of about a dozen drops. Drops out of the water equivalent of water after the closure of the remainder of the water Zuizui mouth water, is a normal phenomenon.


1, tap the surface with a soft cloth should be kept (without impurities) dip gently wipe with a cleaning agent. Avoid using metal wire or with a group of hard particles such as scouring pad. In addition, the phase must not be hit with a hard surface that bumps Tap.

2, use the following cleaning agents to remove the mask and thick solid deposits: a mild liquid glass cleaner, pure clear liquid glass cleaner, acid-free, non-abrasive gentle liquid or the powder is completely dissolved, non-abrasive polishing agent solution .

3, do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper cloth; Do not use any acid cleaning agents, polishing abrasive cleaners or rough.

4, the pressure of not less than 0.02mpa (ie 0.2kgf/cm2) case, in use for some time, found out the water decreases, water heater or even turn off the phenomenon may be at the head of the outlet Unscrew the cover screen gently to remove impurities, generally can recover as ever.