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Tap selection, installation and maintenance of common sense
First, choose

1, the control handle with a single handle and double handle of the points, usually with a single handle pandemic, which is characterized by easy to control, simple structure, but will have to double handle the hands adjust the water temperature, but the style may be suitable for more occasions (such as counter basin faucet, jacuzzi cylinder leading edge, etc.). Single-handle faucet in the opening and closing moments, pressure will quickly rise if the product of the copper content is not high, can not stand the pressure of the expansion, it is easy to get damaged, so the single-handle faucet in the use of time, slowly open and close; double-handle faucet pressure range, pressure is adjusted by two handles to control the flow of appropriate, so this problem is unlikely to occur.

2, different brands of sanitary ware products, select the style suited to the leading position in which the basin leading a variety of installation: There is a hole, put a single-handle faucet; three holes, the most common interval is 4 inches (popular saying 4-inch pots), there are some interval of 8-inch, single-handle faucet can be installed or double-handle faucet (say 8-inch pots popular), also known as separate three holes foreign leader; course on drilling in the basin to adapt to leading the installation, with the "minimalist" and popular, but there have been three-hole wall-mounted faucet and a high body lead (also known as the leading high-throw). But anyway, buy the best pre-determined leading sanitary brand, style, and then decide the leading configuration.

3, depending on the design, basin faucet has divided the stage with the audience, kitchen faucet with single hole and straight into the wall-mounted installation of the points, plus shower faucet with shower hose and shower head into the wall of the points, there are special features of the leading thermostatic mixer, delay faucet, sensor faucet, filtered water unit with pull-out faucet and hose to hydrants, according to their actual needs, the budget may be.

Second, the structure

1, leading to the structure of ceramic valve spool, ball valve, stainless steel and rubber valve spool. Taocifaxin is a new generation of valve materials, especially imports of ceramic chips, good sealing performance, physical performance, stability and other characteristics, the market leader on the spool in addition to production outside China, mainly dependent on imported products, particularly Italy, Spain, France and other leading manufacturers to assemble the spool, spool of the general import of the normal life of 5-10 years, the replacement of maintenance, then you can only change a spool.

2, finishing: chrome, titanium, painting, plating, grinding treatment, the thickness of the coating surface is considered one of the factors can be plated surface is bright naked eye, the surface reflects the object is good, leading imports are relatively thick layer of chrome, not easy to fall off and oxidation, the gold layer has a special protective film, which will keep the coating does not easily fall off.

3, the leader of the main body is made of bronze, but is now used instead of brass, copper content in the leading high-end more than 85%, if cut open the body, then import the leading body basically no holes appear, because the processing technology on the leading domestic backward, foundry deal with the limitations of the surface, leading to a lack of imports of specific pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

Third, the installation

1, the installation need to turn on the water faucet before red, wash water in the sediment impurities, remove the mounting hole of debris and check the box of parts into the impurities do not mix, so as to avoid clogging or wear Taocifaxin.

2, with a metal hose to connect water pipes, water pipes do not need to consider the installation location, but need to note that usually the length of the hose is 30cm (import size, individual brand or hard pipe), with a hard metal tube connected to the water tube, the leader should be bought after the first, according to the length of the size of the tube leading to the laying of water pipes, of course, from life on the run, the tube than the hose is good, also, when installing the sink faucet, such as the laying of water pipes above the sink, the sink faucet installation into the wall for the best, otherwise install the regular sink faucet.

3, the leading import and domestic requirements of the relevant parts leading different. On the general import of the pipes leading soft and hard points, and the hose (stainless steel braided hose) up, nut-side activities have imperial 3 / 8 inches, and its only match of the triangular valve selection of imports, in addition, water component nozzle 11 / 4 inches.

4, over time, the left is hot, the right is the cold water, two away from 100mm-200mm. Water and then remove the connector position leading fixed until after the completion of the wall plasterers, and then install the faucet, so the leading surface of the coating is worn, scratches. If you use the shower and the like imported products, the pre-installation of booster pumps to ensure water is normal.

Fourth, the maintenance

1, coated with a soft cloth to clean the surface of the toothpaste, and then clean the surface with water, can not use alkaline detergent or with scouring pad, steel ball to apply the test, so as not to damage the surface plating.

2, single-handle faucet in the course, slowly opening and closing, double-handle faucet, you can not die off too, otherwise it would seal off the bolt, causing not off, just not water.

3, the outlet part of the general will be foaming device (also known as foam control, not the same leader, foaming device is different), because of water problems, leading often to use a small amount of water after a period of time, this may be because Foam control was blocked by debris, water can unscrew the foam Used to clear debris or needle.

4, part of the leading brands of imported surface plating very thick, but also caused the fatal injury, overwhelmed by a hard object hitting or grinding, so use as much as possible to avoid contact with hard objects such as rings.