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Tap: home decorative embellishment mood

Morning, when you dragged the pace of lazy stumble to the bathroom door, twisted the faucet handle is smooth, despite the trickle of bubbles sandwiched shares wander toward the cheek in the palm of your hand, immersed in the kind of smooth cool feeling , suddenly no sleep no, the spirit of times - the original face can be so comfortable ah!

Decorative home decorative mood

Perhaps, in people's minds, just a simple tap can not simply be used to wash hands the small stuff. That you can be wrong. Do not underestimate these little hard things look grim, it is not only your room decoration an integral part, also contains much of the knowledge inside it. A burnished surface, the water supple basin faucet, not only will let you visually pleasing, but also so you never have splash, wet floors, dirty clothes in trouble, so you start from early morning all day wash spirit of joy. Like an elf quietly taps dotted with your bathroom, your home, dotted with your mood.﹛

Craft supplies very elegant

In the bright metal exterior tap, tap to hide the relationship between the quality of the merits of the inner core. Do not underestimate this deceptively simple bronze faucet, but on the media in the production process and are very elegant. An ordinary faucet from tens of dollars to thousands. Leading to a high-grade through high-precision molding, welding, polishing, surface treatment and dozens of complex processes. Now very popular is the leading multi-layer filter design process. The main role is to filter vacuum, it allows water through layers of filters, flow to the hands, when mixed with sparkling foam, cool and silky feel that you feel more comfortable. Outside faucet is strong in a weak guy. It exposed the surface of the metal material is easy to stain and leave water spots. In order to prevent rusting faucet, sanitary ware shop owners can get all worked tirelessly to give every two weeks leading bath, waxing, they carefully tap on the expensive care just as much as fans of their obsession with horse .

ONLY four strokes: to distinguish the quality of tap As the faucet use frequently, easy to wear, and the appearance of more or less the market leader, closed the surface better, consumers tap is difficult to see the internal structure and the quality of the spool. So, how can we not turn on the tap valve in the case of the ideal faucet buy it? First trick: Look outside. Processing of fine-quality faucet, good surface finish, close to the mirror effect without distortion; The second trick: turn the handle. In turn the faucet handle, the tap and switch over between the non-gap closed to open easily unrestricted, non-skid, low-quality tap the gap, a sense of great disruption; The third measure: to listen to the sound. Good leader should be considered as cast bronze, beating up the sound dull, if the sound is very crisp, it is made of stainless steel, the quality is worse the next level. The fourth one: identification tag. Manufacturers generally have the regular goods brand identity, and some non-formal product or some quality time products are often just stuck some paper labels, even without any marks, be sure to choose carefully.