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How to choose and maintain the tap

Tap water of "conductor", the highest frequency of use, tap a variety of different shapes and models, the following is fitting to consider when choosing faucets factors.

1 material: whether to use copper plating bake, usually the heavier copper material.
2 spool: tap the "heart", which determines the life and tap water effects, preferably Taocifaxin.

3, the outlet filter: normal tap water has the whole drift cover, a good leader for more than a double outlet filter effluent soft and smooth, not flying, accompanied by blistering, water 30%.

4 Surface treatment: plating layer is no need to bake a special maintenance to maintain long-lasting, good-plated three-tier branded, quiet side effect, to ensure that life does not fall off.

5. Feel heavy, crisp sound when leading flick, feeling smooth and delicate, heavy thick coating color, the interface is smooth.

1 How to maintain the lead?

Do not use any abrasive cleaners, cloth or paper towels, and any acid, alkaline liquid surface, wipe the faucet. Rinse well and dry with a cloth Ruanmian can.

2. Faucet used for a period of time, how to do a small amount of water?

The water hose or nozzle air bubbles between the filter head removed, can be cleaned.